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Pleasure dome black - small / medium / large

Pleasure dome black - small / medium / large
13d x 13h cm / 15d x 23h cm / 18d x 33h cm

Available in three sizes, with matt black, beech wood bases, Pleasure domes are the perfect place for keeping and displaying treasures. Be it vintage designer toys, street market heirlooms or small desirable trinkets that would otherwise be lost.

The domes are 'crystal clarity', mouth-blown soda glass to our design, the edge is flame cut and soft to the touch. Mouth blown glass domes may include some visible air bubbles. This is an intrinsic character of the glass and the handcrafted way they are produced. Bases are made from solid beech, precision turned individually by hand. The base lies flush with the dome top creating a contemporary appeal.

Internal dimensions - small / medium / large
11.2d x 10h cm / 14.2d x 19h cm / 17.2d x 29h cm
Dimensions may vary slightly as the glass is mouth blown.

Design by Lincoln Rivers
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